Travertine Tile and Grout Cleaning and Restoration in Dracut, MA

Travertine tile, known for its rough look, adds texture and appeal to any floor or shower space. But as beautiful as it is, light colored travertine tile can discolor and stain over time. 
Despite its simple upkeep and durability, this light grey tile showed years of loving wear by its family in Dracut, MA. As you can see, the tile was discolored from everyday use despite frequent cleanings. The grout, originally a light grey, was also badly stained and in need of repair. 
Thinking that they would have to rip out the grout, this family called me in to help. After cleaning and restoration, they were amazed that the tile and grout looked like new again. Here are the before and after shots of this tile and grout clearning and restoration in Dracut.

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