Know all your tile and grout options. Let us educate you on the services we offer to the Greater Boston area and the products we use. Grout Staining, which is actually the recoloring of your existing grout, is one of the services we highly recommend. There are so many benefits, including maximizing the protection and beauty of your grout, the longevity of that beauty and the ease of maintenance!

    • Choose any color lighter or darker


    • Custom colors are also available


    • Color uniformity will look like new or better


    • Expected wear is 8-10 years under normal conditions


    • The stain is durable & designed to protect & beautify your grout


    • The stain is water repellent and long wearing

Proper preparation and thorough grout and tile cleaning are vital to getting desired results. New Again Tile & Grout’s Products are environmentally safe and are tested for the highest quality performance.

Our Offerings:





Types of Tile We Service:

    • Marble Tile


    • Granite Tile


    • Porcelain Tile


    • Slate Tile


    • Ceramic


    • Mexican Quarry Tile


    • Limestone Tile


    • Travertine Tile


    • Saltillo Tile


    • And More