Tile and Grout Cleaning with Color Seal in Lexington MA

I just completed this tile and grout job in Lexington MA.  Take a look at the before and after results. Before: After:   … [Read more...]

Travertine Tile and Grout Cleaning and Restoration in Dracut, MA

Travertine tile, known for its rough look, adds texture and appeal to any floor or shower space. But as beautiful as it is, light colored travertine tile can discolor and stain over time.    Despite its simple upkeep and durability, this light grey tile showed years of loving wear by its … [Read more...]

Our Tile and Grout Cleaning and Color Sealing Process on Display in Billerica MA

When it comes to commercial type environments one simple way to help the tile and grout when cleaning is by changing the mop water more frequently. If dirty mop water is put back down on the floor once the water evaporates the dirt and mildew soak into the grout and cause some stains that may not … [Read more...]

Marble Tile Cleaning and Restoration in Brookline MA

When dealing with marble tile it is very important to remember that marble tile is a natural stone. And certain products shouldn't be applied to this type of tile because of the risk of damaging it. This was a marble tile backsplash of a customer in Brookline MA that we saved and brought back to … [Read more...]

Re-Grouting and Re-Caulking a Shower in Boston, MA

Are you putting you house or condo up for sale? We all know that the two most important rooms to have stand out are the kitchen and the bathroom. We had a customer who had done grout cleaning in Boston, MA that was looking for a cost effective way to bring their shower back to life. They already … [Read more...]

Tile and Grout Cleaning Followed by Color Seal in Andover MA

Here is a tile and grout cleaning, followed up with a grout color seal that we did in Andover, MA.. A good cleaning will usually get you about 85% results of getting the grout back to it's original state. Due in part that grout is very porous and can hold in a lot of dirt and moisture causing the … [Read more...]

Re-grouted Epoxy Kitchen Floor for a Restaurant Kitchen in Boston MA

Here is an epoxy kitchen floor we re-grouted for a restaurant in Boston,MA. Over time with a lot of traffic and in some areas the grease and food that gets on the floor. It can take a toll on the condition of the grout. Replacing an entire floor can be very costly not to mention interrupting … [Read more...]

Shower Tile and Grout Restoration in Canton MA

Here is a fantastic before and after of a Greater Boston shower restoration (in Canton, MA).  Complete restoration of the tile and grout saved this shower!  Instead of replacing the shower I did some regrouting, some recaulking, and tile repair. … [Read more...]